Under Counter Cake Cooler Rost Free

Under Counter Cake Cooler Rost Free
Product Details

Under counter cake cooler rost free

Company Intriduction 

Guangzhou Dukers (Boaosi)electric appliance Co,LTD  is a whooly -owned enterprise, which come from  Italy 's dukers company .Our company was established in 1993 and we have done export business ,based on our full range of products,such as cake cooler, chest freezer, back bar chillers and showcase coolers  since 2003. In 2014, our production capacity amounted to over 320,000 units.Plant Covers about 90 thousand square meters. Owned RMB100 million fixed assets with about 650 workers. 

With great innovation, good international standrds  production  capabilities , pretty customer survice and professional technical team, we have got a good market and high reputation from oversea and also have branch office in U.S.

And our vision is to  provide best quality items and professional service to customer.

Cake Cooler  Features

1.Fully automatic                                                          2.Fan assisted cooling

3.Adjustable feet/casters                                            4.Interior LED light with switch

5.Fan assisted condenser                                          6.  Refrigerant :R134a/R290/R404a

7.Refrigerant :R134a/R290/R404a                           8.Type of Defrost:off Cycle

9.Exterior Finish:Glass                                                10.Interior Finish:stainless steel

11.Max ambient:30°C

12.Digital controller and tenperature display

13.Replaceable sliding door for easy cleaning

14.Individually illuminated glass shelves

Basic Information about TCH -120

Voltage: 220V/50HZ                                                                          Model Number: TCH-120

Type: Air Cooler                                                                                 Style: Single-temperature

Certification: CE                                                                                 Capacity: 212L

Temperature: 35~75C                                                                       Climate Type: ST

 heating tube: Yes                                                                               Color: silver bottom base+glass

Material: termpered glass                                                                Usage: bakery display    

packing Dimension: 1300x620x995mm                                        external dimension: 1200x490x680mm


What is order minimum quantities?

one container and one container can be installed two model.

How to load container?

the principle of load cabinet is up installed and protect glass door.

Why the refrigeration is upright on the container?

1.In the transport time , as far as possible upright transport, the compressor has one-third of the oil, if it is inverted or oblique,oil will ran into the tube, and then filter, etc.

2.It can not rush to use when the refrigerator deliver at home . Immediately using will shorten the life.

What is the warranty on the freezer?

Our standard warranty is 12 parts and labour from the date of delivery ,and 3years on compressor.

Where do i order parts?

1.Our company was established in 1989 with business of manufacturing spare parts.

2.Dukers has all the parts you want.

Can the door hinge be reversed from left to right to left?

1.all product are standard and the door hinge can’t be reversed from right to left。

How can i turn the interior light off?

1. All the light has corresponding switch that it is convenience to turn on or turn off.

What is the voltage of the light ?

1.We adopted new led light that LED lights is small, long life and high light. The voltage of the body and LED are not the same, the LED lamp voltage is 24V, this will be more secure.

How do i replace the internal light bulbs?

1.Remove clear plastic cover that fits over the light bulbs

2.Squeeze the plastic sleeve against the bulb with both hands to get a good grip , rotate bulb 1/4 turn and pull out of sockets .

3.Replace the bulb in the sleeve and install into sockets.Turn the bulb with 1/4 turn untill the bulb is firmly in the sockets.

4.Replace the clear plastic cover.








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