DUKERS 250L Single Solid Door Deep Freezer

DUKERS 250L Single Solid Door Deep Freezer
Product Details

DUKERS 250L  single door deep freezer

Single door deep freezer  quick details

MODEL: BD/BG-250                                                                                          Voltage/frequency :220V/50HZ                         

Control panel: Mechanical                                                     Cabinet Tem. 0C:-18~-22

Weight net / GW (kg):54/64                                                                              20'/40'GP/40'HQ:40/84/122

Outer Cabinet:Pre-painted steel                                                                    Inside Cabinet:embossed aluminium 

Packing Dimensions(WxDxH):1058x630x886

External Dimension  WxDxH (mm):1014x604x844

Single door deep freezer Features

1) Quick and deep freezing,famous compressor with 2 years' warranty

2) Mechanical temperature control with indicating light

3) Environment-friendly technology,CFC free

4) Low energy consumption

5) Low noise design

6) Fashion appearance

7) Lock and key

8) four wheels for flexible move 

9) Removable storage basket

10) Balanced hinge

11) Interior lamp for option

12)Inner sliding glass door for option

13) White painted aluminum interior plate for option

Freezer  FAQ

How do i install my freezer/showcase/cake cooler/beer cooler?

Installation step are explained in our instruction book for each freezer and the installer must follow these points.

1.make sure the electrical power source matches the freezer power requirement .

2.Freezer must be installed on a dedicated circuit and circuit breaker.

3.leave at least “10” clearance around freezer and wall for better ventilation .

4.Do not install freezer in a warm non air- conditioned place.

5.Do not install freezer near heating source(radiator, range,etc)

6.Place a good position for leveling ,proper drainage and door closing .

What if the freezer is not operating?

1.Power cord unplugged loose.

2.Faulty receptacle

3.Circuit breaker tripped,or blown fuse, or open supply circuit

4.Improper power supply applied to the freezer

5.Freezer switch at the front turned off.

6.Freezer in the 6minute start up delay mode.

7.Thermostat or electronic controller set for too warm temperature.

What if the freezer is making abnormal noises?

Check following :

1.The freezer unleveled

2.Parts loose

3.Condenser blade touching loose wiring.

4.Refrigerant leaked out

5.Motor bearings worn out.