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5 Places Where You'd Love a Compact Fridge

Nov 23, 2016

While a beverage cooler can certainly be handy in several places in the home, a compact refrigerator rules when it comes to versatile cooling and inspiring healthier snacks. And since there's a variety of cooling capacities and interior layouts, there's a small fridge for every need and budget. I can think of more places where a small refrigerator would be super handy, but these five areas top my list:

1. Where the family hangs out: Whether it's the lower level family room, the home theater space or recreation area, a compact fridge would be the keynote appliance in this room. Fill the refrigerator with fruit infused water, fruit and ready-to-enjoy cold veggies. Give them a choice and make the healthier snack alternatives handy to access and enjoy. This is also a good place to keep those special medications that must be kept cool and quick to grab as needed.

2. The home office or where you pay the bills/set the budget: It can get stifling in the home office. How handy to take a break from working with figures to refresh with a cold drink, iced tea or a juicy fruit. Make this space comfortable and not one you loathe going to. Your office is away from home? That's a perfect place for a portable fridge too.

3. For the home away from home: Granny's residence or for the college dorm room. Special diets require quick access to healthy snacks and a compact refrigerator can be a lifesaver. It also helps to supplement meals and save on snacks too. Grandparents also love to keep some beverages and snacks available for when the kids come to visit. For these rooms, I'd chose a small refrigerator with a freezer compartment. Though these are tiny by kitchen appliance standards, they do make it possible to keep a little ice cream or frozen yogurt on hand.

4. The craft or hobby room: Equip your sewing, painting, quilting and craft room with a compact refrigerator. When I get immersed into a hobby project, I totally lose track of time (and meals). A small fridge loaded with cold water, juice and fruit can inspire you to take a break once in a while, to stay hydrated without losing that creative moment.

5. The man cave, garage or shop: Want him to drink more water and eat more veggies? Make it super convenient to grab something cold and nutritious. And if a compact model would only be a teaser, consider a second refrigerator for this area.