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5 Reasons Why This Old Refrigerator MUST Go

Nov 23, 2016

While this vintage Frigidaire model might look like the ideal second refrigerator or beer fridge - you could probably find one for next to nothing, it certainly would not be a bargain. There are several reasons why it should be discarded and replaced with a modern unit.

This old refrigerator has certainly outlived its usefulness and extending its lifespan could cost you in more ways than one. No doubt there are more reasons for ditching this vintage refrigerator, but here are the most important ones.

1. For Health Reasons

The most important reason to replace this fridge is that it is a breeding ground for mold/mildew. A closer inspection of the rubber gasket confirms that black mold is present, in the interior as well as the exterior. There's also mildew within the interior in several places.

For some refrigerator models, it may possible to obtain a replacement gasket or seal, but unfortunately that will not solve all its ills. Black mold is a health hazard and not something you want to ignore.

In the case of this particular refrigerator, it was used as a secondary unit and though the mold has been there a long time, the owner had never really noticed it. Dark areas on old refrigerators are often mistaken for aging or accumulated grime, when a more serious problem is lurking. Mold makes replacement a high priority for this refrigerator.

2. To Gain Energy Savings

This old fridge is an energy guzzler by sheer vintage design. Today's refrigerators use only a fraction of electricity compared to these old models. The gasket is also worn and loose causing cold air to escape and making the unit run more than it would need to. To cut down on the hydro bill, this old fridge must go. The outlay for a new refrigerator would be quickly recovered from the energy savings.

If your old fridge is for seasonal overload around the holidays or for summer entertaining, you should unplug it the rest of the time. Keeping a refrigerator operating when not required, is certainly a waste. The same applies to second freezers.

Old refrigerators must be discarded properly and emptied of gas by a licensed technician and in accordance with local landfill disposal regulations. Check with local authorities on proper disposal of refrigerators. Note that some energy utilities do offer free removal and disposal as part of their energy conservation initiatives, and that saves a hassle when replacing your old refrigerator.

3. To Improve Food Storage & Reduce Waste

When humidity is not controlled within a refrigerator, food tends to spoil more quickly. And when you cannot organize or properly rotate your refrigerated or frozen foods in such a manner that you utilize foods before their quality diminishes, dates expire, or it goes bad, it also leads to food waste. They also are harder to clean and that's an important task to reduce the risk of bacteria.

Though vintage refrigerators like this one did have some nice elements for that era, by today's standards, they lack features to help you better organize contents. Refrigerators today have humidity-controlled vegetable and fruit drawers, as well as various shelving and racking options to maximize storage space. Freezer compartments also allow for more frozen food space, a must if you want to save by buying bulk or taking advantage of sales.

4. For Time-Saving Benefits

These old refrigerators have manual defrost, which is quite time-consuming and can be labor intensive. You need to schedule a few hours to defrost a refrigerator. That includes removing all the food and relocating it to another cold storage temporarily, while you clean the refrigerator.

If you defer that task and frost is allowed to accumulate within a refrigerator or freezer, it can hamper proper air flow, which in turn can affect food quality and energy consumption. An automatic defrost refrigerator needs no such action regarding frost, just an interior cleaning.

How a refrigerator is configured can also be a time saver. For instance, one with a wide shallow meat tray or snack drawer and numerous door bins, can also help you better manage contents. The refrigerator style for some is a preference factor, but for others, it can be chosen for convenience.

5. For a More Appropriate Refrigerator Capacity

Vintage refrigerators came in limited capacities so old fridges still in circulation are much larger than most really need, especially for a secondary unit. That means a waste of energy cooling a larger area. It would also take much more space in the room. You should always choose a refrigerator capacity that suits your lifestyle and meets your average refrigerated and frozen food needs. More than that is usually a waste.

This particular old refrigerator was used for keeping beverages cool and that's typical of the old beer fridge many have in their garages or basements. Contents only filled half the space. Plus, the fridge took a lot of floor space. And because of the weight, moving these vintage models to clean around and behind them, was usually not an option.

If you care about wasting energy or food, using a capacity that's appropriate for your family just makes practical sense. Too much capacity can easily lead to a large supply of fresh food and leftovers that are forgotten in the deep recesses. A large refrigerator may look very appealing in a modern kitchen, but remember, you have to manage the food storage and clean it too.

Replacing an energy guzzler for a more appropriately-sized beverage cooler or refrigerator will save you time and money. So the old Frigidaire- it must go.

To find the best refrigerator or cooler, estimate the required capacity, compare prices and pay close attention to food storage features. Most refrigerators sold today are auto-defrost, but it's always a good idea to confirm, especially when buying a budget model.

Also consider the freezer compartment - capacity and location, and what best meets your needs. A line of refrigerators - all refrigerator - has no freezer compartment and that can be adequate if refrigerated space is all you need. And if you love the vintage look, there are some very nice retro-inspired models available.