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Air cooling and cooling of the refrigerator what is the difference? Fridge temperature cooling analysis

May 12, 2016

Air cooling and cooling of the refrigerator what is the difference? Intelligent analysis of refrigerator temperature refrigeration. Air cooling and cooling each have advantages and disadvantages, is different. List advantages and disadvantages of air cooling and cooling below.

, Wind cooling and cooling of the cut-off point at around 300 litres, more than large volume room air has advantages.

Second, large volume, compartment, air-cooled cooling has an absolute advantage in distribution. If using a straight cold technical obstacles, it is not easy to achieve. Direct cooling compartment 3 basic to the limit, if you want to do more, will sacrifice some performance. See available on certain high volume compartments (or drawer) of direct cooling refrigerator, don't believe it. This product is on the market are not uncommon, mostly focused on smaller brands and products, mainly sold to three, four-level market. And appliances around wholesale markets in some big cities can be seen.

Three, cooling the fridge due to the many fans of air, so the refrigerator temperature average, no big temperature changes, naturally better cooling effect, but also take into account the role of the fan and the complexity of design, wind-cooled refrigerator energy consumption and noise compared with direct cooling refrigerator is a lot higher.

Four, air cooling without fan, do not generate additional noise and power consumption, but also not in food drying due to air conditioning.

Five wind due to the cold air forced circulation, cooling speed, good temperature uniformity, this is its inherent advantages, direct cooling can not match. And cooling because of natural convection, so relative difference temperature equilibrium, the cooling rate is relatively low.