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Allcold Cooked Food Vacuum Cooler with CE Certification

Dec 21, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.:AVCF-500Cooling Method:Direct Cooling
Cooling Time:Only 20-30minutes From 100°c to 10°cVacuum Pump:Busch/Leybold Vacuum/Elmo Rietschle
Compressor:Bitzer/CopelandOther Reliable Parts:Kewill/SMC/Danfoss/Omron etc.
Refrigerant:R404A/R22The Biggest Advantage:Solve The Splashing Trouble in Cooling Soup
Origin:ShenzhenHS Code:84186990

Vacuum Cooling Technology Brief Introduction:

Vacuum cooling is a rapid evaporation cooling technology. It reduces the chamber's pressure through vacuum pumping so that the boiling point of the water in the products is lowered to have the water vaporized to absorb the products themselves's heat, then to lower the products' temperature rapidly. 

ALLCOLD vacuum coolers now are widely used in the cooling of cooked food industry such as the cooling of pork, poultry, rice, and bean made products,vegetable, bread, cake etc. We have 2 series of vacuum coolers to meet different requirements. Normal Temperature series to cool food to around 25~30 degree celsius, the low temperature series to the final temperature could be lower than 10 degree celsius.

ALLCOLD Vacuum Cooler Advantages:
1.Minimized production losses
Weather variability during the harvest season can cause produce to mature earlier or later than planned. If the produce is not harvested at the optimum time, losses will occur. Late harvesting may also occur if market opportunities are not available at the desired time. Pre-cooling and cold storage are valuable tools that better allow produce to be harvested on time and sold when markets become available.

2.Improved economic of cooking operations
The daily cooling may be increased with the assurance that cooked products quality will be preserved. This confidence permits cooking to be done over a longer period, thus spreading out workloads. Daily harvest hours could also be extended because the effect of ambient temperatures on the produce would be lessened. This flexibility results in better use of equipment and personnel.

3.Minimized losses during marketing
Some types of produce spoil very quickly if not pre-cooled immediately after harvest. These types have to be sold within a day or two of harvesting to be of acceptable quality. Strawberries are a good example. Other examples are leafy vegetables that require trimming to maintain a fresh appearance. Pre-cooling extends the shelf life and thus the opportunity for sale before the produce is no longer marketable.

4.Improved utilization by consumer
Consumers can be supplied with top quality produce with a longer shelf life through pre-cooling. This extended shelf life lessens the urgency to consume or process produce quickly after it is purchased. Consumers are more likely to make larger purchases, enjoy lower handling costs and have more timely product utilization.

5.Expanded market opportunities
Retail marketers require produce of the highest quality that has longest practical shelf life. A highly perishable product that is not pre-cooled, kept cold and handled with care will lose quality and have difficulty competing with a quality imported product. It is also difficult for the lower quality product to meet grading standards. Pre-cooling is, therefore, the key for perishable produce to enter and compete in retail markets.

Pita Bread/Cooked Meat/Fried Food/Cake/Soup/Sushi/Snack/Pizza etc.

1.Skid Options: Whole skid&Separated type
2.Function Options:Hydro system&Water spray system
3.Door Options: Manual Door/Horizontal Sliding Door/ Vertical Lifting Door

ALLCOLD Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Models&Specifications:

Model No.
Inside ChamberProducts Weight kgElectricity TypeTotal power kW

ALLCOLD will design and offer the most suitable machine according to clients'requirements.
Please contact ME to get more technical information&quotations.

Business Field Of Us:
1.Vacuum Cooler For Vegetables/Flowers/Fruits
2.Cooked Food Vacuum Cooler
3.Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine(MAP Machine)
4.Tube Ice Machine
5.Flake Ice Machine
6.Block Ice Machine
7.Plate Ice Machine
8.Cold Room

The benefits of choosing us:
1.As a mature manufacturer of fresh keeping technology and refrigeration technology.Our products quality are guaranteed, energy saving and high efficiency.
2.As a responsible manufacturer, we will attentively manufacture each machine.Your request makes us improve,and your satisfaction is our eternal pursue.We will meet customers' demands from various professional fields with first-rate products and services.
3.Safety protection products and environmental-friendly design to reduce greenhouse gas     emissions.Here at ALLCOLD we have worldwide sourcing ability and creat great future .
4.Grown Together and make win-win success with clients and cooperative partners.

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