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Freezer defrost

May 12, 2016

Many consumers don't know what needs attention, be used directly. In fact, freezers in use during

There are many, this involves a lot of maintenance problems.

First of all, refrigerators and other appliances cannot share the same socket. Freezer starts currents are very big, usually running

5-10 times 7-10 times when the TV is usually used. If refrigerators, color TV sets start at the same time, sockets, wires make it difficult to

Under, it is in danger of short circuit. Meanwhile, freezer starting and operation will generate electromagnetic radiation, has affected other electrical

, Refrigerators and other appliances cannot share the same socket.

Second, you must use a three-phase socket. From the security perspective of freezers, freezers must have a solid grounding, which is

Third eye sockets, and is really grounded, even with three eye sockets, as there are only two wires, there is no


Third, not freezer stopped for more than 3 months. Under normal circumstances, freezer not deactivate. Deactivated higher temperatures will

Accelerated corrosion of pipelines, affect the life of the freezer. If the freezer stops, to wipe the freezer inside and outside, and then open

Place, with a breathable cover or put in a clean place, careful not to seal, seal odor. Again

When you use refrigerator emits certain odors, it is normal, once powered up after a period of time, odor will go away,

Deactivate time try not to exceed 3 months.

Finally, freezer should be placed in a cool and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight, away from heat source because the environment around the freezer temperature

High increase of power consumption of the refrigerator

Finally, do not automatically defrosting of the freezer when the frost on the evaporator more than 4~5 mm thickness should be manually defrosted.

Last, keep the door gasket clean to ensure the suction.