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Freezer to prevent mold

May 12, 2016

Hot weather in the summer, and many foods easy to mold and bacteria. Freezers, freezers keep food at the same time, don't ignore the indoor temperature changes, especially the humidity once stalled too long, inside the freezer, freezer will breed bacteria, mold mildew. Tianxiang freezer recommendations: during the hot, humid summer months, should pay attention to prevent mould used freezer, freezer, keep your family healthy.

1) hot foods be cooled, then into the freezer, freezer storage to minimize the moisture inside the box.

2) to prevent the vegetable soup, soy sauce and sprinkle inside the freezer, freezer.

3) contaminants in freezer, freezer should be cleaned in a timely manner.

4) do not let cooked meat products in direct contact with liner refrigerators, freezers.

5) freezer is deactivated for the time being should be wiped clean in a timely manner, not to close the door, should leave some gaps, so that moisture in the refrigerators, freezers can discharge.

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