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Fresh display cabinet access easier

May 12, 2016

Storage display cabinets show fully open storage space, larger capacity, access more convenient; Deluxe showcase for meat plate made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean. Showcase for meat, chilled cabinets, role of the supermarket freezer. Oxygen diaphragm compressor before Walter oxygen must be cleaned to remove harmful contaminants. Harmful pollutants including manufacturing, processing, assembling, testing and other process residues on the surfaces of diaphragm compressor parts oil, oils, cotton, silk, and so on. If these pollutants do not remove, storage display cases they might react with oxygen to produce combustion, leading to dangerous accidents, fresh display cabinet heavy duty cleaning of diaphragm compressor parts including all parts in direct contact with oxygen, namely, coolers, valves, cylinder heads, diaphragms, all pipe and other components.