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How to Clean Slime Out of the Water Line in a Whirlpool Refrigerator

Dec 22, 2016

Dispensers on the front of refrigerators provide water and ice. While this is a great convenience, every modern convenience has maintenance issues. Sometimes the water line that supplies the water to your Whirlpool refrigerator becomes lined with a slime caused by bacteria and algae, if the kitchen is perpetually warm. Cleaning the water line only requires some patience, a few tools and a half-hour.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-gallon bucket
  • Gentle dish detergent
  • Extended pipe cleaner

  • Turn off the water shutoff valve completely and remove the water supply line from the connection. Put the line into the bucket for excess water still in the supply line to drain. Dump the water once the line is clear.

  • Disconnect the water supply line.

  • Insert a wet pipe cleaner with a drop or two of gentle dish detergent on the brush into the water supply line. Pull the pipe cleaner back and forth to scrub away any slime and buildup off the sides of the water supply line. Do this for the full length of the line.

  • Connect the water supply line to the water shutoff valve and place the other end of the line in the empty 5-gallon bucket. Turn the water shutoff valve fully into the "On" position to flush out the water line into the bucket. Allow it to flush until the bucket is nearly full. Turn off the water shutoff valve and dump the water in the 5-gallon bucket.

  • Reconnect the water supply line to the refrigerator securely. Turn the water shutoff valve on all the way. Whirlpool recommends allowing an hour or so before using the water dispenser and at least 24 hours before attempting to use the icemaker.