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Refrigerator maintenance method

May 11, 2018

Refrigerators are generally referred to as refrigerators, display cabinets, supermarket freezers, and other refrigeration products. They are commonly used in shopping malls, convenience stores, KTVs, and homes. The freezer must be frequently maintained after purchase, otherwise it will affect its service life. Let us share a small coup to maintain the freezer.

1. The freezer needs to be placed in a flat position. In addition, the freezer must be shaded and ventilated. There is no heating product around.

2. The new machine or the moving refrigerator must be left to stand for two hours or so. After the machine is turned on, the machine needs to operate for a period of time, and then shut down for about five minutes. This prevents the compressor from being burned out.

3. At least once every two months to clean the refrigerator, clean the power before cutting off, and remove the contents of the cabinet.