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Summer and how to debug a freezer temperature freezer temperature adjustment range

May 12, 2016

Freezer the principle we all know, is by compressing the coolant compressor generate physical changes, achieve the freezer refrigeration effect. Just freezer operation itself, but his influence by the external environment, particularly of temperature changes in summer and winter, the external environment will affect the operation of the freezer.

In winter, due to the room temperature stable domestic freezers, freezers, under the influence of external environmental temperature is very small. But like supermarket freezers, convenience store freezer, refrigerated cabinets and other storage locations are not fixed, the external environmental impact is relatively large. Freezer cold temperature control technology requirements between 0~10du and freezer to operate properly, usually in the winter cold environment is lower, refrigeration is easy to reach the set temperature, if the temperature drops below a set, short boot time causes freezer cooling effect up to. In winter, the stall to 4 degrees above the right, if the ambient temperature is below 16 degrees, can be adjusted to 5, less than 10 degrees, and can reach 6 or 7, you can make the refrigerator functioning at the same time, storage would not be affected because the external environment.

In summer, due to high ambient temperature, falling within the freezer once is hard, boot time becomes longer down time will get shorter, and compressor working long hours in the heat, resulting in damage to the piston and cylinder, power consumption will rise, neither economic nor reasonable. If you play 2 or 3, uptime and downtime would be balanced, energy-saving at the same time, reduces wear, increased freezer life.

Can also be used to adjust the freezer temperature low temperature compensation, this device can be a freezer in the low temperature in winter can work properly, need to open when the ambient temperature is below 16 degrees temperature compensation or low temperature switch. Note also that the ambient temperature does not fall below 10 degrees, adjust the thermostat to the stronger position, boot time will be longer.

Proper and reasonable adjustment freezer temperature not only can promote the proper functioning of the freezer, but also growth freezer life.