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Three characteristics of refrigerator

May 16, 2018

Refrigerator is an indispensable cooling appliance in life. According to statistics, glass door refrigerator is now the most favorite. It can be seen in convenience stores, supermarkets, KTVs and other places. There are vertical and horizontal ones. Generally, vertical cabinets are used for bottled drinks. The height of design is relatively moderate. And the advantage of glass door cabinets is that they can see the goods in the cabinet at a glance, which is more commercially advantageous for consumers to select products.

There are three main characteristics of glass door refrigerators: the preferred high-quality glass door cabinets are all made of high-quality copper coils and are processed into wide-surfaced shapes. The high-quality copper coils are clean and the joints of the tubes are few, which effectively prevents the occurrence of leakage and blockage in the refrigeration system and can accelerate the cooling rate of high-quality glass door freezers. The second is the effect of heat preservation. It adopts the regulation of material temperature and special fixtures, and masters the first-class foaming technology to ensure the high-quality insulation performance of the cabinet. Finally, the overall structure of the cabinet, the use of an integral angle bracket between the cabinet shell and the liner, this role is like the steel reinforcement in the prefabricated slab of cement, to some extent increased the firmness of high-quality glass door freezer. After the door frame of the glass door freezer is welded and shaped, it is foamed and formed once in a row, thereby avoiding the disadvantage of the glass door freezer door being easily detached. This is also related to the life of the cabinet.