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Use refrigerator life tips

May 12, 2016

In life, people always summarizes many useful tips, some can help us save money, there are ways to help us save refrigerator almost everyone has, it has become an integral part of our family life

1, sweater long, yellow or black, no previous to wear bright, unfortunately and still reluctant, may wish to try the white sweater washed back into the refrigerator's freezer, 1 kid out to dry, the white color will be restored to some extent.

2, before going out to put clean underwear in plastic bags, and put it in the fridge, come back and shower out and put on underwear, is really cool and cool and comfortable.

3, candles in the summer, often tends to change. Keep it in the refrigerator, it can work long time without deformation. If the candle ignited stored for more than 24 hours in the refrigerator before, then the lights will drop the wrong behavior does not occur.

4, eggs Umboo wipe it again, and then head up vertically in the refrigerator and will be fresh for a long time.