Dukers Under The Counter Kitchen Food Freezers Frost Free

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Dukers under the counter kitchen food freezers frost free

Dukers under  counter  freezers frost free features

Brand Name: dukers                                                                Model Number: Kitchen Equipment

Product name: kitchen freezer / refrigerator                     Material: Stainless Steel

Application: Restaruant, hotel ,home                                  External Dimension W*D*H:1418*700*850mm

Packing Dimension W*D*H:1478*760*890mm                  Weight Net/ Weight Gross(Kg): 108

40HQ Container: 48                                                                   Refrigerant: R134A/R290

Type of Defrost: Automatic                                                    Max Ambient: 38

Dukers  kitchen food freezers frost free

Model NoTemperature  Range External Dimension
Weight Net/
Weight Gross(kg)
Door 40HQ Container
TD12F-10~-181200*760*8001260*820*86098/1051    69R404A/R290
TD15F-10~-181500*760*8001560*820*860108/1182    42R404A/R290
TD18F-10~-181800*760*8001860*820*860128/1382    42R404A/R290
TZ12F+10~-101200*760*8001260*820*86098/1051    69R134A/R290
TZ15F+10~-101500*760*8001560*820*860108/1182    42R134A/R290
TZ18F+10~-101800*760*8001860*820*860128/1382    42R134A/R290
T10R-2~8954*700*8501014*760*95098 1/266R134A/R290
T10F-10~-18954*700*8501014*760*95098 1/266R134A/R290
T14R-2~81418*700*8501478*760*890108 2/448R134A/R290
T14F-10~-181418*700*8501478*760*890108 2/448R134A/R290

under the counter  freezers frost free

How to maintain the condenser of the freezer?

Use only non-abrasive ,mild liquid cleaners.Use of abrasive or chlorine based cleaners will damage your cabinet .For stainless steel parts, a commercial stainless steel polish and cleaner can be used. Always apply the cleaner to s soft cloth and then clean the freezer with the cloth-never apply the cleaner directly onto the freezer.Use soft water if possible .

What is order minimum quantities?

one container and one container can be installed two model.

How to load container?

the principle of load cabinet is up installed and protect glass door.

Why the refrigeration is upright on the container?

1.In the transport time , as far as possible upright transport, the compressor has one-third of the oil, if it is inverted or obliqueoil will ran into the tube, and then filter, etc.

2.It can not rush to use when the refrigerator deliver at home . Immediately using will shorten the life.








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