TZ18F Air Cooling Countertop Fan Cooling Worktable Freezer -10~10℃

Product Details

TZ18F Air Cooling Countertop Fan Cooling Worktable Freezer -10~10℃

fan cooling worktable freezer Quick Details

Stainless steel inside and outside , sealed interrior  floors and rounder cabinet comers for easy cleaning

Self closing doors with stay open feature ,lifetime guaranteed door hingers 

Digital temperatature controller with automatic defrost  system 

Forced air refrigeration system

Adjustable ,heavy duty shelves

Adjustable feet



Type of Defrost:Automatic 

Exterior Finish :Stainless steel

Interior Finish:Stainless steel 

Max Ambient :38°C 

air cooling countertop -10~10℃ Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Standard exporting carton packing.
Delivery Detail:35 Days


1.plastic bag for cutting off dusty .

2.foam will be pack on glass door and anger for preventing to hit.

3.Cartoon .

4.Bottom Wooden package for big size.

fan cooling worktable freezer FAQ

1.How do i install my freezer/showcase/cake cooler/beer cooler?

Installation step are explained in our instruction book for each freezer and the installer must follow these points.

(1)make sure the electrical power source matches the freezer power requirement .

(2)Freezer must be installed on a dedicated circuit and circuit breaker.

(3)leave at least “10” clearance around freezer and wall for better ventilation .

(4)Do not install freezer in a warm non air- conditioned place.

(5)Do not install freezer near heating source(radiator, range,etc)

(6)Place a good position for leveling ,proper drainage and door closing .

2.How to ensure the freezer place leveling?

The method is to adjust the forefoot of the refrigerator, through continuous adjustment, you can observe the refrigerator by the water line in the way to reach the level, can effectively prevent the refrigerator vibration.