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Cake Cooler Cooling Effect

Sep 08, 2017

Cake Cooler Cooling effect

How to maintain the cake cooler

1. Voltage range of ** - 242V voltage instability when using more than five times the power of the regulator; cake fresh cabinet power supply generally use 220V50HZ single-phase AC.

2. The current capacity of the socket and the power line should not be less than the number of A specified by the company, the cakes are equipped with a separate outlet. The socket must be reliably grounded;

3. Can be thrown into the cabinet items, cakes fresh cabinet when the items to be lightly put. So as not to damage the inner wall;

4. When the operation to achieve a stable state shutdown, the first time should be used to run 1-2 hours. And then put into the food after the boot;

5. Place the food not too close to the outlet, the goods should be placed when the appropriate clearance, close to the cabinet before and after the place to retain a certain distance. To facilitate air-conditioning convection, temperature uniformity.

6. is conducive to good cold ventilator to protect the equipment cooling effect; cake fresh cabinet in front of at least 100MM above space.

7. Do not be exposed to direct sunlight or in the oven. The ambient temperature of the cabinet should be less than 35 ℃.

8. should minimize the number of open the door, in order to save electricity. And shorten the time to open the door;

9. generally do not have to adjust, the cake furnishing cabinet factory temperature has been adjusted and locked.

10. Freezer will stop running into the defrost state, the cake quench cabinet by the microcomputer automatic control. Defrost the end of the freezer to automatically run the cooling.

1. cake display cabinet daily maintenance:

(1) Regularly clean the compressor and condenser.

(2) regularly clean the cake showcase (at least once every 2 months). Clean the refrigerator when the first cut off the power, with a mild detergent and water gently scrub, and then dipped in water to clean the cleaning agent. Can not be used detergent, decontamination powder, talcum powder, alkaline detergent, days that water, boiling water, oil, brushes and other cleaning cold storage showcase.

(3) cake cooler display for a long time do not use, you should unplug the power plug, wipe the box clean, with the box after the full dry, the box door closed.