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Cake Cooler Frozen Fresh

Oct 23, 2017

Cake Cooler Frozen fresh

In just bought a new cake cabinet, due to transport on the road, bumpy for too long, so it will cause loose inside the cake cabinet, so this time the cake cabinet should take care of the internal and external, and then in the input Use, but in the just work, do not rush to put the goods in the cake cabinet, so that it will be very easy to hurt the life of cake cabinet. Therefore, in the empty boot time, after an hour in the work of the operation, remember to put the goods in the operation of the time to run for an hour, and in the cake and some other goods, do not once All into the cake cabinet, it will be very easy to hurt the inside of the cake cabinet, and placed in the time, it is best to be placed several times into the show. And then after the stable operation of the cake cabinet, into the put into use.

This method of using the cake cabinet, not only for the internal parts of the cake cabinet has a protective effect, but also for the cake cabinet life, but also be able to get a very effective extension effect. Cake cabinet or cake room freezer, is used to show the cake of the refrigerator.

Cake cabinet is divided into: straight cold (frost) and air-cooled (frost-free) two, the temperature is 2 to 8 degrees fresh, the color is red, black, white, etc., (marble with natural marble and artificial marble) and color Steel, style rounded, right angle, front sliding doors and other styles, bars, fruit shops, beverage shops and so on.

The back of the cake cupboard placed on the wall for the opaque plate, can be made into the front door, the customer can choose their own, optional and cabinet appearance of the same color, white, stainless steel or mirror. The top can be installed light box, cabinet lights optional fluorescent, spotlights, the top with light boxes. Height, width, length can be adjusted according to the use. Square display cabinets are generally four-sided translucent glass, suitable for display cake, vegetables, beverages, beer and other small items, you can also display the cabinet for the display of gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, food items, tobacco and other items The

For the cake cabinet has a variety of preservation, refrigeration, display, and other purposes, the overall structure of the cake cabinet and all the use of removable parts can be installed, all using tempered glass, so that is to ensure the results of the show, but also to ensure that the glass Not hurt, did not use any glue materials, a screwdriver can complete the dismantling of the showcase. Easy disassembly, handling, moving, sliding and so on. Cake production production, need to do the following:

1, full and reasonable use of unique space.

2, with tempered glass, the finest materials.

3, complete the preservation of cake, show cake, frozen cake, and so on the practical function.

4, the appearance of beautiful new, attracting attention, while giving a good impression, want to eat the taste.

5, with the business of advertising design requirements.

6, must use imported compressor (also known as: engine, motor).

7, once the cooling problems, be sure to repair in the shortest possible time, to avoid the inside of the cake, vegetables, beverages, spleen wine, and other items appear insufficient temperature and the emergence of significant losses.