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Cake Cooler Main Factors Of Preservation

Jul 21, 2017

Cake Cooler Main factors of preservation

1. Equipment condenser cleaning and maintenance every half to be carried out once

①. Unscrew the cabinet screws

②. Remove the filter with clean water, clean with a dry wipe to dry the water stains

③. After the cleaning and maintenance is completed, plug in the power supply in sequence, turn on the "Power" power switch, the device starts; turn on the "Light" lighting switch, the cabinet lights; then open the "Defog" defogger switch. De-fog switch is not open, it will cause the former large glass fog or water droplets are generated; 2. equipment cleaning and maintenance to be carried out once a month

①. Turn off the equipment before cleaning

②. Unplug the plug and cut off the power completely

③. Remove all items in the cabinet

④. Wipe all surfaces thoroughly with warm water and neutral detergent

3. Clean the cabinet and the outlet

With a small screwdriver pry open the right side of a floor glass corner to remove, clean the outlet, garbage and the outlet.

4. How to carry out energy conservation

We all know that there is a means of maintenance of the cake cabinet, that is, by controlling the electricity consumption of cake cabinet, to protect the parts, delay depreciation.

①. The freezer of the freezer is usually in the cabinet under the steel plate, so the freezer should be placed in a well ventilated place, to wipe the dust outside the cabinet, so that you can improve the condenser condensation effect to achieve the cooling effect and energy saving the goal of.

②. Freezer condenser if it is finned to every month or so with a brush cleaning time, thereby enhancing the cooling effect.

③. Freezer if it is open, should avoid the fan, air conditioning straight blow, in the non-business hours should be closed the curtain. Open display cabinets use ambient temperature shall not be higher than +25 ° C, wind speed shall not be greater than 0.3 meters per second, humidity shall not exceed 60%.

④. Into the cake cabinet food to be appropriate, do not over the full, too tight, placed to be reasonable. Because the volume and load of the cake cabinet is certain, the cabinet is too full of food, too tight, will affect the cabinet air convection, food cooling difficulties, affecting the preservation of food effect. While increasing the compressor working time, so that power consumption increased.

Cake freezer

The performance of the cake is the main factor of its preservation, cake cabinet equipped with imported compressor to ensure the stability of the system operation, the use of air-cooled refrigeration and microcomputer temperature control technology, even if the cabinet temperature is constant, but also There is no chill in the cake freezer. In addition, the European snow for the cake cabinet installed humidifier, but also to maintain the humidity inside the cabinet, all of this to ensure that the preservation of the cake refrigerator. Even so, but the use of some small skills will also enhance the fresh cake cake effect.

Business in the cake when the refrigerator can be placed in the ventilation, but also to maintain indoor ventilation, which helps the air circulation, heat; since it is to keep the cake fresh, then when the cake to do the staff to be timely Put it into the cake freezer, when the contact with the outside world will naturally improve the fresh cake; according to the type of cake into a different cake cabinet, to prevent string taste, or can also be some cake with Cling film packaging, to avoid the cake due to cold and dry; In addition, the cake to clean the cabinet regularly, in order to remove the smell of the cabinet to keep fresh.

The above tips can improve the preservation effect of the cake, if the business to buy a quality of the cake cabinet, then add these skills, will be able to show a good cake products, and the cake brand image publicity Go out.