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Cake Cooler Manual Work Process

Jun 23, 2017

Cake Cooler Manual work process

Structure editing

The main structure of the water filter is: 1, rotating shaft 2, inlet and outlet 3, stainless steel filter 4, shell 5, electric reducer (rotary handle) 6, sewage outfall 7, exhaust and other components.

Principle editor

Manual work process: the water filter access to the pipeline system, the water from the lower inlet into the water filter, when the impurities in the water through the network core, because the volume is greater than the core hole, and pants trapped in the core, when the accumulation to a certain Quantity, that is, resulting in a certain pressure difference between the inlet and outlet. (Filter precision diameter of different pressure difference is different, usually 0.15Mpa), manually open the sewage valve, sewage start, turn the handle, the direction of rotation can be counterclockwise rotation can be every 10 seconds - 30 seconds turn a grid, Each concave part of the fixed, until the rotation of a circle, close the sewage valve, manual sewage to complete.

Selection editor

1, the pressure of sewage: When the impurity accumulated to a certain number, the use of cooling water into and out of the water pressure signal between the backwash of sewage, that is, electrical contact pressure gauge connected to the control signal, the control mechanism to open the electric sewage valve, electric reducer To 3-6 revolutions per minute running speed, through the sewage pipe and sewage valve into the cooling water outlet pipe, clear row about 5-10 minutes. When there is a large debris, the filter can not run in place, the electric device should be run in the opposite direction, rinse debris.

2, the user can set the sewage time, in 0-99 hours to set the cleaning time, usually set to 12 hours of sewage once, the time setting can be in accordance with the power plant water quality and make the appropriate adjustments. That is, set the time to start the electric reducer to reverse the sewage valve to open, followed by reverse backwash sewage. Until all the room recoil is completed, the electric device to stop working, electric recoil valve and electric sewage valve closed, the sewage work all over.

Type editor

The first hydraulic press cooler tube type, a double tube, vertical, horizontal, floating head and other. This type is characterized by the flow of water used for cooling from the inside of the tube, and the oil flows from the interval of the tube, the middle of the set of folding plate to the oil flow, it uses the dual city even four-way flow Its cooling effect is more intense.

The second type of corrugated plate is also divided into the word and oblique wave pattern, the use of corrugated structure of the contact point, so that the flow rate is not high in the case of turbulence, a substantial increase in the cooling effect.

The third kind of air-cooled hydraulic machine cooler is divided into indirect, fixed and hanging, and so on. It has many features, it is simple structure, small size, small weight and ease of use are all its advantages.