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Commercial Kitchen Equipment Catalogue

Nov 29, 2016

Commercial kitchens require industrial strength equipment, including hoods and ventilation systems, commercial stoves, walk-in coolers and freezers, plus safety equipment.

 Gas Range

A large, six burner range is ideal for a commercial restaurant kitchen. Stay away from electric models, since they are more prone to breaking and can raise your utility bill sky high. Vulcan ranges are some of the most durable, ideal for a busy restaurant kitchen. Viking ranges are another commercial brand, though a lot of their models are better suited for home kitchens who want that industrial chic look. More 

 Flat Top Grille

A flat top grill is ideal for cooking burgers and breakfast items. A charcoal grill is better suited for steaks and barbecue items.More 

 Commercial Hood

A commercial hood is necessary for proper ventilation and air quality. Unless you have experience installing ventilation systems, hire a professional to install your commercial kitchen hood. More 

 Stove Warming Shelf

This space saving shelf will help busy cooks stay organized during the dinner rush. More 

 Commercial Refridgerator

Keep cold items handy with a commercial refrigerator. Models include upright (pictured) or reach in coolers, which also serve as a prep station. More 

 Walk In Cooler

A walk-in cooler is essential for any restaurant, in order to store large amounts of food safely. Your walk-in cooler should be adjacent to your restaurant kitchenBuy from Amazon 

 Prep Table

Prep tables should be stainless steel for both durability and food safety reasons. Look for tables with built-in shelves, for extra storage in your restaurant kitchen. More 

 Floor Mats

Rubber floor mats are a must have for any commercial kitchen. They not only make the kitchen safer, by helping prevent slips and falls, they are more comfortable to stand on than a hard linoleum or tile surface. Buy from Amazon 

 Knife Magnet

Good quality kitchen knives are essential to any cook. However, lost or damaged knives are expensive to replace. Use a knife magnet to keep your knives properly stored and organized.

 Fire Extinguisher

No commercial kitchen is safe without a fire extinguisher. Be sure to choose a heavy duty extinguisher over a residential model.