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Convertible Refrigerator-freezer Equipped For Garage

Dec 09, 2016

Two big appliance sellers, Whirlpool Corp. and Sears Roebuck and Co., unveiled refrigerators this year that convert to freezers with the turn of a knob. The fridges also have built-in heaters so that the refrigerator sections can withstand the cold temperatures of a garage without inadvertently freezing food.

The appliances are the reverse of a traditional top-bottom refrigerator- freezer -- the larger freezer sections are on the bottom, the smaller refrigerator sections up top. The smaller top refrigerator sections can convert to freezers for an all-freezer appliance. These are being marketed as a second refrigerator for a household.

Whirlpool's Freezerator is designed for use in a garage and is part of the company's Gladiator GarageWorks series, its first foray into garages. The refrigerator comes only in a metal-tread finish, a rugged raised gray metal surface that is part of the company's overall garage look. It comes on locking wheels for easy transport for garage cleaning. The GarageWorks series includes matching shelves, bins, storage closets, flooring, tool boxes, gear drawers and trash compactors for a complete garage storage system.