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Do You Have a "Fat" Fridge? (Quiz)

Nov 29, 2016

Learn to save money on healthy food with a skinny fridge fix

Is your refrigerator making you fat? Many smart dieters buy healthy foods, but they still struggle to slim down. If you're gaining weight or if you're trying to lose weight without success, then it's possible that your fridge is to blame. Take this short quiz to find out if a skinny refrigerator makeover might help you to lose weight and save money on healthy food, too.

The Skinny Fridge vs. The Fat Fridge

If you usually open your refrigerator door to see an organized selection of diet-friendly, healthy and nutritious foods, you probably have a skinny fridge.

A skinny fridge helps you save money on food and is organized in a way that makes weight loss easier and less time-consuming.

On the other hand, if you open the door to the refrigerator and you see a jumbled mess of condiment bottles, foil-wrapped, take-out containers, and plastic bags full of mysterious moldy vegetables, you've probably got a fat fridge. This is a refrigerator that undermines your best attempts to eat better and ultimately sabotages your healthy weight loss plan. The fat fridge works against you in a number of different ways.

  • Fat spending. You spend more than you need to on groceries because you don't have a good sense of what food already have and what food you need.

  • Fat waste. You waste money on expensive fresh fruits and vegetables that go to waste because they go bad before you eat them.

  • Fat decisions. You can't see the healthy foods that you buy because they are buried behind all the other food that gets crammed into the refrigerator.

    If any of these scenarios look familiar, then you may want to be concerned. But to know for sure if your refrigerator is skinny or fat, take this quick quiz.

    Do I Have a Fat Fridge? (Quiz)

    Answer each question honestly.

    1. In the last month have you opened the door to a full refrigerator and said "there's nothing here to eat!"?

    1. In the last month have you spent more than $25 at the grocery store and then come home and needed to rearrange food in your fridge to make room for new items?

    2. In the last month have you thrown away fresh produce because it had gone bad?

    So how did you do? If you answered yes to even one item on this quiz, you probably have a fat fridge. Of course, if you have tons of extra money to spend on groceries, if you like being disappointed when you're hungry, and you love your body weight, then you don't need to do anything about the current state of your refrigerator. But if you like to have a little extra cash, you want to save money on healthy food, and you enjoy the satisfaction of solid weight loss results, then a quick 15-minute fridge fix is in order.