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Freezer Appears What Tripping Residual Current

May 12, 2016

Freezer earth leakage trip do? To discuss the issue.

1, freezer thermostat leakage

Freezer thermostat leakage phenomenon is mainly as follows: when our hands to touch the refrigerator cabinet with inductors, but the normal operation of the compressor and the temperature inside the Cabinet are quite normal. Because most of the thermostat is mounted on the inside wall of the freezer, freezer temperature change will make condensation around the thermostat. And when condensed water into the thermostat when the freezer thermostat electrical contact resistance between the Cabinet and drop also caused a Cabinet charged. For this, we can use timed defrost, often refrigerated in the stagnant water of erasure and prevent condensation water run into the temperature control measures to eliminate the problem. But at the same time, must pay attention to often clean the freezer thermostat bakelite and some dirt around, mainly because the dirt after moisture absorption will produce leakage.

Therefore, we are always on freezer maintenance so as to prevent such leakage, but also can effectively extend the life of freezer.

2, freezer moisture-proof wire leakage

Refrigerator moisture-proof wires after the leakage is mainly manifested in the power, at the opening of the frequent switching of overload protection relay, leading to freezer compressor not turn on, freezer cabinets were charged, inductance occurs when the hand to touch, and are generally more common in working life long freezer. At this time, we can use some insulating sleeve moisture-proof wires that set well, the best is the demolition of the old line, then some of the rubber insulation on the new line.

In the face of such problems, you'd better have your freezer outage maintenance, prevention of accidents. In particular, supermarkets, convenience stores and other places, traffic is high, in case of unexpected, loss is not only money, and personal accident.