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Freezer Energy Saving Ways

May 12, 2016

ow people cannot do without electrical appliances, there are all kinds of electrical appliances in the home, of course, electricity consumption is constantly growing, small series of summarizing in everyday life-saving tips, find freezer compressor is the key to energy conservation.

Freezer as a 24-hour working appliances, so the power consumption of the refrigerator in the family occupies a larger proportion of electricity. However, as long as we reasonably used, attention, can lower the supermarket freezer compressor wear, extend the life of it, while reducing power consumption, household electricity bill.

1, the freezer should be placed lower and better ventilated place at room temperature, it is a good cooling of the freezer, you can reduce the number of open freezer compressor and open time.

2, the food must be put into the freezer until cool to room temperature, while minimizing the number of vertical refrigerator door, shorten the time.

3, between food and food in the freezer, food in the freezer should leave some space between the wall and the air circulation inside the freezer, improve refrigerating effect, reducing the number of compressor starts and time.

4, regular defrosting. When the freezer Frost thickness more than 5mm cooling performance will deteriorate, the compressor working for longer and increase power consumption.

5, when the weather turns warm, the room temperature is above 15 ° c display should be saving defrosting of the freezer switch to off position, this can reduce the power consumption.

6, adjust the freezer temperature controller correctly, in order to reduce power consumption. Freezer temperature control knob labeled on figures, it represents the temperature within the freezer control. The higher the number, the higher the temperature. Indicates range of thermostats in different seasons are: summer 3~4; in spring and autumn 2~3; 4~5 in winter, when the room temperature is below 10 ° c, the thermostat should be set aside to "6" position.

7 regularly remove dust from the condenser. Condensers accumulate dirt will affect the cooling of the freezer for a long time, cannot effectively influence evaporation cooling, freezer to preset temperature, we will need to extend the working hours of the compressor, increasing power consumption. So the best condenser cleaning once in two years.