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Freezer Set

May 12, 2016

1, should be placed away from heat sources, where not subject to direct sunlight, heat exchange with the outside world while you work, both through the condenser heat dissipation to the outside world, ambient temperature, the higher the heat more slowly, will make the refrigerator and freezer work longer, increasing power consumption, cooling effect.

2, should be placed in a humidity place because shell refrigerators, freezers, the condenser and compressor are the metal, if the air humidity is too large, would make these parts rust, shortening the life of the refrigerator. While damp overheated environment, condensation will cause the surface of the freezer, and affect the electrical performance.

3, should be placed in a well ventilated area, if the freezer around a cluttered or too close to the wall, is not conducive to heat will affect the cooling performance. Freezers should be left on the top of at least 30CM space, back space and the two sides should be at least 10CM to facilitate heat dissipation.



4, should be placed on a flat, solid surface, and keep compressor level. The need not only for security, but also make the smooth working of the compressor, reducing vibration and noise.

5, should not be placed on where the temperature is too low. Because the temperature is too low, difficulty in starting the compressor, freezer freezer cooling is poor, unable to overcome, opens the fridge freezer temperature compensated switches.

6, should not be placed in flammable, explosive and corrosive environments. Also do not place within such articles.

7, the upper part of the freezer do not place heavy objects, in case the switch causes an object to fall, family members were injured.