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Fridge Fever Is Going? This Restraint

May 12, 2016

Refrigerator white response to their refrigerator is not cooling, but "heat". What's going on?

Turns out to be touch panels on both sides of the refrigerator. In fact, major causes of burns on both sides of refrigerator compressor work, internal distribution on the sides of the refrigerator the refrigerator cooling pipes, heat is to cycle through these tubes, refrigerators in use for a long time would feel on both sides of the high temperature. Therefore, this is a normal phenomenon, there is no need to worry.

Of course, also can reduce refrigerator hot problems.

Placement of the first refrigerator must be reasonable, because both sides of the refrigerator heating, so the refrigerator where you want to put in good heat dissipation, ventilation is good, the best cooling ventilation space on both sides, so that the refrigerator can cool itself.

Use appropriate and avoid excessive refrigerator, frequent air conditioner kept in the open against the refrigerator, increasing the workload of the refrigerator and increases power consumption. Of course, do not always turn off the power, each time new refrigeration will increase the work load of refrigerators.

Under normal circumstances, the refrigerator box Burns appeared on both sides of the situation is normal, not a quality problem of refrigerator. But if the situation is too serious, you need to call a refrigerator after-sale telephone consultation service, or shopping for a new refrigerator.