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Glass Door Freezer Fault Phenomenon

Sep 01, 2017

Glass Door Freezer Fault phenomenon

Glass door freezer failure phenomenon: glass door freezer power, the compressor can not start running, fresh glass door freezer machine has a larger relay beating sound. Glass door freezer analysis and maintenance: to determine the start relay overload action. Remove the relay and thermal protector, the lead directly connected, power will run and start the terminal short circuit, the motor can start running, the working current is normal. Judgment is the start of the relay in the long-term use due to contact ignition Ningbo glass door freezer was burned to become uneven, poor contact.

    Is the market of four freezers, six freezers, fresh workstations, glass doors and other refrigerated series of products, the control system components are used international and domestic brand-name manufacturers of products, with stable quality, excellent performance, high efficiency and so on. The advantages of low cooling, low price, low freezing, suitable for use in the relatively dry northern and inland areas in winter, the disadvantage of poor temperature uniformity, and the need for manual defrosting; Intercooled way is the advantage of fast freezing, frost-free, good temperature uniformity, suitable for use in the more humid areas such as the South, the disadvantage is the power consumption, the noise is generally higher, the price is higher, the food is easy to be air-dried. In addition, some of the glass door freezer with advanced air cooling technology, that is, cold room with cold, freezer with air-cooled, fully integrated with the advantages of both, but this kind of fresh cabinet prices are more expensive. Here can not say who is good or bad, mainly depends on the user's demands.

Glass door freezer technology to pass

1, regular defrost and remove the condenser and cabinet surface dust, to ensure that the evaporator and condenser heat absorption and heat performance is good, shorten the compressor working time, saving energy.

2, under the premise of ensuring the quality of food, according to seasonal changes, the number of food and the number of reasonable adjustment of the temperature controller, so that the machine is always in the best working condition.

Of course, these practices should be built on the glass door freezer itself without problems. It is worth noting that: glass door freezer within five minutes of power failure shall not be re-power, this will reduce the glass door freezer life.