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Glass Door Freezer Fresh Ability

Oct 23, 2017

Glass Door Freezer Fresh ability

Fresh cabinet is divided into fruit fresh cabinet, fresh vegetables, fresh meat, and so on. There are a lot more. Then these things we can often see the style of the fresh cabinet. So what happens as a business we, how to choose it?

Fruit store in the purchase of fruit when the first time, first of all should look at the quality of the fruit, and then to buy, the general parameters of the cabinet have shown. So when used in the time, there will be a better use of the method. But also for the business to bring good benefits.

Then the number of vegetables when the number of fresh vegetables, fresh vegetables and the ability to keep fresh business should be considered, because if the quality of fresh vegetables, then the business will bring a lot of losses, so be sure to Choose a better vegetable fresh cabinet, if necessary, can go to the business for a field study.

Then it is easy to choose fresh meat cabinets, and can not ask so much. Then the use of fresh meat when the cabinet, it only requires the ability to freeze and fresh on it.

In the use of fruit when the cabinet, in the user experience above, how to use the better use of fruit it? First of all, when using the fruit preservation cabinet, the user experience, first of all in the user's settings, if the temperature in the adjustment, then the use of time, should hold down the up and down keys to carry out non-adjustable fruit Temperature, but in the regulation of time, can not be blindly adjusted.

But according to the user's habits, as well as the use of fruit when the temperature, then this time, in the adjustment of the temperature, according to the actual situation and fruit Keep the temperature around the actual adjustment, but not according to their own ideas to adjust the temperature of any of the fruit, then if the temperature of any adjustment, and then later will greatly shorten the life of the fruit preservation cabinet The But also affect the user's user experience. Therefore, when adjusting the temperature, please pay attention to the method of adjusting the temperature after the control. The production of vegetables and fruits is the use of foreign relatively advanced compressor, this compressor is very efficient when used. But also in the use of high efficiency at the same time, the cooling capacity is very fast, and the compressor conversion wind cycle is relatively fast, so the use of vegetables and fruits, is a very good effect. In the use of the time, the compressor has a temperature equalization of the adjustment method, and its interior is also a plastic material use, giving a more clean and practical feeling.

And when using vegetables and fruits, it is also an efficient energy saving. Because Hefei is a good use of electrical appliances, so the production of vegetables and fruits in the market share is still relatively large, so the production of vegetables and vegetables is a better reputation. Now booking vegetables and fruits is very much the number of customers.