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Glass Door Freezer Methods And Steps

May 18, 2017

  Glass Door Freezer The use of glass door design, display the effect of strong, the user of the cabinet of goods at a glance, to stimulate the use of glass doors, refrigerators, Buy the desire to bring more revenue for the business. Family life, we should master some of the basic method of maintenance, so you can quickly remove the problem, do not delay the use. Encountered a glass door does not cool, we can from the following aspects to judge.

 1,Glass Door Freezer the power connection is not normal: power failure; power socket loose; power short circuit is open.

Check the method: open the door, observe whether the lights inside the box, or test with a pen.

2, if the power connection is normal, listen to the compressor is working.

Compressor normal work will be issued a slight and vibration motor sound (such as the hand to feel the compressor vibration, should pay attention not to burn, because the compressor temperature in the winter 40-50 ℃, summer up to 80-90 ℃).

Check the thermostat is in the work of the stall, the thermostat has a stop file (0 stalls), put on the compressor compressor will not work. Such as check the above several are normal, please find maintenance personnel to solve.

3,Glass Door Freezer glass door freezer poor refrigeration

Check if the thermostat stall is too low. Whether the food is stored too much or put too hot food. Whether the frequent open door or door seal is not strict. Whether it is a direct sunlight or a glass door freezer near the heat source. Whether the surrounding ventilation is bad. Check if the ambient temperature is too low and the temperature compensation switch is not open.

4,Glass Door Freezer if the compressor can work to determine whether the refrigeration system refrigerant.

Let the glass door open the cabinet for a few minutes after unplugging the plug and carefully listen to the presence of liquid in the copper tube. If it does not indicate that the refrigerant inside the system has leaked, or the compressor has lost its ability to work.