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Glass Door Freezer Preservation Equipment

Sep 28, 2017

Glass Door Freezer Preservation equipment

With the continuous development of the food industry, most of the basic food to achieve large-scale, mechanized production. Good preservation equipment in order to better ensure the quality of the product. In fact, the glass door freezer for bread and cold storage both belong to the leisure class of food, it can be said to be baked goods, are the need for cold storage. But no matter what kind of bread production generally have to go through the selection of raw materials, weighing preparation, dough proofing, forming, secondary proofing, baking, cooling, packaging, sterilization and other links. At present, each link not only to achieve automation, but also on the basis of the original upgrade. Such as sterilization links, Xi'an Shengda upgrade bread sterilizer, the use of pulse-modulated microwave for sterilization, you can use a smaller temperature rise to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Compared with the conventional method, not only can keep the taste of bread, but also can maintain the color and nutrients. It is understood that China's baking industry has shown four different forms of operation, and the central factory production is one of the large-scale form. Central factory model through automation, large-scale production, can reduce costs on a large scale, so as to improve their competitiveness through cost advantages. In addition, with the raw materials, labor costs rise, factory, large-scale production is also a baking industry development trend, which is to reduce operating costs of enterprises one of the effective ways.

Not only that, in recent years the global bakery product market has grown steadily, the size of 2016 to reach more than 3,000 billion US dollars, 2002 to 2016 compound annual growth rate of more than three percent. Compared with Europe and the United States, the Asia-Pacific region baking industry is developing slowly, and baked goods have not yet been eaten as a meal. But with the continuous upgrading of the consumer market and consumer awareness of baked goods rising, 2016 Asia-Pacific baking market has reached 60 billion US dollars, the future demand for baking market is very impressive, Will usher in development opportunities.

Learned from the market, at present, more than 70% of China's bakery products are non-packaged baked goods, the remaining 30% for the packaging of baked goods. I think packaging baked goods, although the shelf life is significantly longer than non-package products, but freshness, taste and non-package products, but there is a glass door freezer, the future may be greatly improved packaging baking products. In this way, baking equipment manufacturing enterprises glass door freezer manufacturers to strengthen the development of equipment, with the food enterprises to upgrade to develop both to extend the shelf life of baked goods, but also to ensure that the taste and quality-related equipment to meet market consumer demand.