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Glass Door Freezer Preservation Techniques

Oct 12, 2017

Glass Door Freezer Preservation techniques

We have to pay special attention to the preservation of the glass door freezer function, the best fresh tips is the computer temperature control, the whole process of using computers to complete the dual temperature control, really ensure that the glass door freezer has always been a constant high temperature environment, The novel and nutrient. Here's a look at the way to resolve the glass door freezer, hoping to help you.

Glass door freezer refrigeration system of the implementation of components and electrical control parts to ensure that the product is stable and reliable. Increase the design of the evaporator, improve the heat transfer efficiency, so that the cabinet cool faster, lower temperature, while more energy efficient, incremental laminar flow optimization, efficient energy saving; glass door freezer advanced back blowing refrigeration system, cabinet temperature Uniform; precise defrost automatic control, stable performance; the use of natural air defrost, reducing the power consumption.

First, the commercial refrigerator manufacturers that direct cold air-cooled refrigeration, cold room directly to the cold, the freezing room to send cold, both both strengths, but high power consumption. Second, air-cooled refrigeration, active defrost, low humidity, cold temperature average, easy to dry food, suitable for coastal, Yangtze River and other moist areas, high power consumption, useful small size.

Three, straight cold refrigeration, cheap, more power, useful volume, fresh and good moisturizing function, but the temperature is uneven, often defrost, suitable for boring southern and inner marine areas. Do not know if you have not met the glass door freezer is not cooling, then how do we do? The main purpose of the glass door freezer is to keep the temperature of the goods, increase the freshness of the goods, so that the goods are not easy to rot. If the glass door freezer can not be cooling that is another thing we have a headache, the following do not cool the glass door freezer.

One, the glass door freezer does not cool the reason there may be a problem with the glass door freezer compressor. Compressor can start, remove the return air pipe with your fingers to block the exit, check the pressure is how much, such as too low, then the compressor on the problem there is a compressor can not start, check the glass door freezer power plug.

Second, open the freezer door to see if the lights inside the box is bright to determine whether the glass door freezer power is connected. If the lamp does not light, use a pen or multimeter to check whether the power outlet is electrically connected or not.

Third, the glass door freezer is installed in the freezer, the freezing room temperature does not meet the temperature requirements of the thermostat so stop. When the compressor is circulated day and night, the freezer compartment may cause the refrigerant to cool the temperature. Most of this phenomenon occurs in the air-cooled freezer glass door freezer. The reason is that the freezer evaporator scraper is broken, resulting in ice blocking. Can not rule out the air-cooled fan is broken, and the glass door freezer items too much will be blocked, causing the cooling effect caused by poor.