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How To Remove A Refrigerator Door With Ice Maker & Water Dispenser

Dec 22, 2016

Sometimes you need to remove a refrigerator door to get the refrigerator to fit through a doorway. You also must remove the door when you are storing the refrigerator to prevent children from getting trapped inside—refrigerators make intriguing playthings, and they can suffocate a child. It’s slightly more complicated to remove a door that has a water dispenser. The ice maker issue is a red herring--the icemaker is actually inside the freezer compartment, and the hole in the door is just a chute; it isn’t connected to the innards of the refrigerator.

Things You'll Need

  • Torx screwdriver set
  • Turn off the water at the wall. Disconnect the power at the wall.

  • Disconnect the waterline and wiring harness. Open the door and look near the lower hinge. You should see a tube with collars. That’s the water line. Push in on the collars. You should also see an electrical harness. Disconnect it.

  • Remove any clips.

  • Pull the waterline and harness through the lower rail.

  • Close the doors.

  • Remove the hinge covers if there are any. Grasp the cover on its sides near the back. Push back on the cover and then lift it. Try not to break any retaining tabs.

  • Remove the hinge. Unscrew the torx screws.

  • Remove the doors by rotating them to 90 degrees. Don’t allow the waterline and electrical harness to be pinched, and lift the door upwards.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place the doors carefully; they can get damaged.

  • Be careful with the bottom hinge, because it can get bent.