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Ice Preparation Before Use

May 12, 2016

1, check that the position is in line with requirements. 2, packing list, check whether the attachment is complete. Read the product manual, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to conduct a comprehensive inspection.

3, check that the supply voltage is in accordance with requirements. The power supply should be used for 220V,50Hz single phase AC power, functioning, voltage fluctuations allowed between 187-242V, if volatile or fluctuated, will affect the compressor working, even burnt compressor.

4, using single-phase three-hole check, separate wiring. Users without a grounding device should be installed grounding wire. When setting up a ground wire, you can't use tap water and gas pipelines do ground line, much less received a phone call on the line and lightning rod.

5, do not damage the power cord insulation must not pressure wire shall not change by itself or extra long power cord.

6, check is correct, the refrigerators, freezers rest for half an hour, power, listens to the sound of the compressor starts and runs properly and that line hit each other's voice, if the noise is too large, check that the product is placed steady, all pipeline exposure, and make the appropriate adjustments. If the abnormal sound of large, should immediately cut off the power supply, and contact with professional repair staff.

7 before the in-store food, refrigerators, freezers, no-load operation for some time, after the temperature inside the box, then add food, storing the food not so much, avoid refrigerators, freezers work at full capacity for a long time