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Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment According To The Placement Method

Oct 12, 2017

Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment According to the placement method

Kitchen refrigeration equipment is a lot of modern family, business premises will use the refrigeration equipment, kitchen refrigeration equipment has different types, according to the shape of a single door, two doors, three doors, four kitchen refrigeration equipment, according to the different ways Divided into vertical, horizontal, desktop kitchen refrigeration equipment, according to the different ways of cooling the gas compression kitchen refrigeration equipment, gas absorption of kitchen refrigeration equipment and semiconductor kitchen refrigeration equipment, refrigerators as such an important household appliances, its consumption The power is also of concern, you know the vertical kitchen refrigeration equipment how much power per day? Supermarket kitchen refrigeration equipment daily consumption of electricity, the normal is not higher than once, depending on the situation you use, in fact, how much power consumption of kitchen refrigeration equipment every day is a decisive factor.

Kitchen refrigeration equipment consumption of electricity with the size of the size of the general capacity of the larger the greater the power consumption, but also to see the size of the kitchen cooling equipment, the relationship between the power, the greater the power consumption is relatively large, but the freezer freezing capacity , Cooling speed. In addition, but also depends on the seasonal temperature changes, in general, summer power consumption than in winter, of course, depends on the use of kitchen refrigeration equipment every day. That is, with the manufacturers of kitchen refrigeration equipment, how much food, the number of open the door and the length of the time to open the door. Generally speaking, how much electricity is consumed by the freezer every day is related to the volume of the freezer, the frequency of the switch door, the ambient temperature, the number of items stored and the temperature at which the items are stored, the efficiency of the kitchen refrigeration equipment, and so on. Out of the difference, under normal circumstances, 180 liters of two-door kitchen refrigeration equipment power consumption between 0.35-0.5. Early kitchen refrigeration equipment may consume more power, usually between 0.6-1.0. Summer to use a lot of places where the kitchen refrigeration equipment, drink cold drinks need refrigeration equipment, refrigerated drinks, eat ice watermelon also need to buy fresh vegetables and vegetables need to be put into the kitchen kitchen refrigeration equipment preservation. But if the supermarket kitchen refrigeration equipment failure, cold room freezing, supermarket kitchen refrigeration equipment has been in the cooling state how to do? Here we come to find the reason.

If the temperature controller is a problem, it is recommended to be replaced.

In the factory design, the temperature of the supermarket freezer by the supermarket kitchen thermostat control room in the 0-10 degrees, generally in the cold room temperature down to 2-3 degrees when the thermostat disconnect the compressor circuit, no longer Cooling, to be refrigerated room temperature rose to about 10 degrees, the compressor to work again, began to cool. So continue to cycle, to achieve the purpose of cooling. If the thermostat is broken, to the time when the stop is still cooling, cold room will freeze I suggest you put the supermarket kitchen cooling equipment to remove the ice layer, and then try again.

First, if the compressor has been running and the cooling capacity is not arrived in the past, and the supermarket kitchen refrigeration equipment, some ice, it is absolutely lack of fluoride. Second, the cooling capacity is very strong all ice It is the temperature control system failure, this situation Shenzhen commercial kitchen refrigeration equipment manufacturers suggest that you can buy an external temperature controller, which is directly control the supermarket power supply, you can pass Adjust the passage time of the external thermostat to control the cooling capacity of your supermarket kitchen cooling equipment.

If it is the first case must find maintenance staff to repair, or you can only replace the supermarket kitchen refrigeration equipment.

Solution, leak detection, trap, vacuum, filling fluoride, packing, test run, and then just fine.