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Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Cooling Method

Jul 05, 2017

Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment cooling method

The refrigeration equipment is a device in which the chiller is combined with the facility using the cooling capacity. Design and construction of refrigeration equipment, in order to effectively use the cold to cold food or other items; at low temperatures for product performance testing and scientific research and testing; in industrial production to achieve some of the cooling process, or air conditioning. Items in the cooling or freezing to release a certain amount of heat, the cooling device envelope will be used when the introduction of a certain amount of heat. Therefore, in order to maintain the low temperature conditions in the refrigeration unit, it is necessary to install the refrigerator in order to continuously remove the heat, or use ice melting or dry ice sublimation to absorb the heat.

Development and history editor

Before artificial refrigeration began to develop, humans have known the use of natural snow and ice in simple equipment to maintain low temperature conditions, that is, the use of natural cold source. In China, about 3,000 years ago, the use of natural ice preserved food, the seventh century BC, "Book of Songs" in the collection, storage and use of natural ice cold food verse. Until modern times, people are still using ice, snow and groundwater and other natural cold source. With natural ice or artificial ice-cooled refrigerated device, can only reach a limited low temperature, technical conditions and poor sanitation, it is difficult to meet many requirements. Modern refrigeration installations are cooled by the use of refrigerators.

In 1834, the United States J. Perkins trial successful successful human rotation with ether for the working fluid can continue to work for the refrigerator. In 1844, the United States J. Gori trial with the air as a working refrigerant, used in the hospital ice and cooling air. 1872 ~ 1874, D. Bell and C. von Linde in the United States and Germany, respectively, invented the ammonia compressor, and made of ammonia vapor compression chillers, which is the originator of modern compression chillers. In the 1850s, the French Carrey Brothers had developed an absorption chillers and ammonia absorption chillers with sulfuric acid and water as working fluids. A steam jet chiller appeared in 1910. The emergence of freon refrigerants in 1930 facilitated the rapid development of compression chillers. In 1945, the United States successfully developed silver bromide absorption chillers.

Cooling mode editing

Refrigeration equipment cooling methods are direct cooling and indirect cooling two. Direct cooling is the evaporator of the refrigerator installed in the refrigerator or the building of the refrigerator, the use of refrigerant evaporation directly cooling the air, cold air cooling needs to cool the object. The advantages of this cooling method is the cooling speed, heat transfer temperature difference is small, the system is relatively simple, and thus be widely used.

Indirect cooling is carried out by evaporating the refrigerant in the evaporator of the chiller so that the refrigerant (e.g., brine) is cooled and the refrigerant is charged into the tank or the building of the refrigerating apparatus and the air is cooled by the heat exchanger. This cooling method of cooling speed is slow, the total heat transfer temperature difference is large, the system is also more complex, it is only used for less occasions, such as salt water ice and temperature requirements of a constant cold storage. [1] 

According to the purpose of cooling and cooling the use of different ways, the cooling device can be divided into refrigeration refrigeration equipment, test refrigeration equipment, production refrigeration equipment and air conditioning with refrigeration four categories.

Refrigeration refrigeration equipment is mainly used for storage or transportation of food and other goods under low temperature conditions, including various refrigerators, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vessels and refrigerated containers.

Condenser editing

Is the compressor sent high pressure high temperature refrigerant vapor condensed into liquid. Commonly used condenser has three types: ① water-cooled. Water as a coolant, tube condenser, casing type condenser and screw plate condenser. ② spray type. At the same time with water and air as a coolant, a spray condenser (air for natural convection) and evaporative condenser (air for forced convection). ③ air-cooled type. To air as a coolant, the air condenser.