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Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Corrosion Resistance And

Nov 01, 2017

Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Corrosion resistance and

A la carte counter with microcomputer controller, with good performance and material data transmission interface. Pastry display surface coating with antibacterial agent coating, effectively control the propagation of various bacteria. Using high temperature curing powder coating, with good corrosion resistance and crashworthiness. It is divided into air-cooled open-type fresh-keeping cabinet and straight-cooled glass door type, its role is to reduce the temperature by playing the role of prolonging the shelf life. Frozen display cabinets

The most on the market today is this. Vertical display cabinet compact structure, smooth lines, the appearance of luxury style, display cabinets with European style, open display: fashion, convenience, simple, fresh, show two wrong cabinet with stainless steel display cabinet, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, Easy to use, and does not pollute the food, side panels for the injection of one board, both convenient cleaning and durable also simple and elegant, electronic microcomputer temperature controller, so that the cabinet temperature is more accurate, micro-hole style, air-conditioning evenly distributed The temperature is stable, the food is not easy to dry, with a large arc before the opening of the tempered glass, not only show good results, but also save energy, polyurethane foam, the unique seal design, Electricity and beautiful.

Multi-functional refrigerated fresh vegetables, clean dishes is very convenient; fruit cold storage cabinet flat platform, convenient for customers to take; vegetables and fruits into the cabinet containing refrigeration, high technical content. Fruit freezer, fresh refrigerated cabinets, vegetables by reducing the temperature, so that the bacteria within the bacteria slow down the pace of activities, play a role in extending the shelf life; so large supermarkets in the purchase of vertical display cabinets, Must be based on the supermarket refrigeration, insulation, display the food to save time to buy what kind of cabinet, this can only ensure the safety of food, one to improve the effectiveness of the supermarket. Vertical refrigerated cabinet with glass door design, display a large, showing good results, can attract customers' eyes, to stimulate consumer desire. At the same time, the use of glass doors to make products beautiful luxury, access to beer cold drinks more convenient; cabinet with energy-saving lighting, a separate control switch convenient, both to save the internal space can save power; products using electronic temperature control, high precision; Three fan cycle, cooling speed, to meet the hotel, business super, convenience store holiday peak harvest needs; cabinet with aluminum around the package edge, durable, for users to save the cost of repeated purchase of products; strong fan 360 ℃ cycle Cooling, cabinet air-conditioning uniform and stable, fresh effect is more significant.