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Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Inside The Freezer

Sep 08, 2017

Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Inside the freezer

Many parts of the interior of the kitchen are made of plastic profiles, the stock will be caused by broken crisp, which is what factors caused by it.

One, packing too much. Most of the pvc plastic profiles are made of ultrafine light activated calcium carbonate, and even nano-sized calcium carbonate, which not only serves to increase the rigidity and filling, but the proportion should be controlled. Now some pvc plastic profiles manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of calcium carbonate added to 20-50 copies, which greatly reduces the physical and mechanical properties of pvc plastic profiles, resulting in brittle phenomenon.

Second, the amount of external lubricant too much. Lubricant dosage is not correct, especially when the amount is too much, it will cause the kitchen freezer pvc plastic profile of the poor degree of poor, poor plastic, which led to poor impact performance, causing profiles brittle

Third, the stabilizer too much or too little. Excessive amount of stabilizer will delay the plasticizing time of pvc plastic profiles so that the material export mold is also less plasticized. And when the amount is too small will pvc plastic profiles caused by the destruction of stability.

The above is about the kitchen freezer some knowledge, in order to better quality, it is necessary to produce all kinds of problems to solve the problem. First, the room temperature can not exceed the standard

Indoor temperature to a certain extent, will affect the cooked food, the temperature changes in the larger places will increase the failure rate of accessories, glass doors of the frame is easy to produce fog, affecting the cooling effect. Should try to keep the store room temperature stability, reduce the compressor load. Ambient temperature has a direct impact on the consumption of cooked food. Ambient temperature increases, it will make the heat sink slow down, slow down the temperature inside the box will lead to longer boot time, power consumption increased. Take the experimental data analysis of ordinary cooked food, when the ambient temperature reaches 32 ℃, the power consumption is about 25 ℃ when the 30 ℃ power consumption is 25 ℃ 1.6 to 1.8 times. Therefore, as far as possible away from the heat source, to ventilated shade place as well. Therefore, it should be put as far as possible in the backlash, without affecting the convenience store business under the premise of adding shading equipment.