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Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Of The Design Facilities

May 18, 2017

  Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Kitchen equipment design can be divided into ground facilities, the roof of the exhaust and exhaust facilities, as well as underground drainage row facilities, the Chinese kitchen, the exhaust is a habit of smoking, because the characteristics of the Chinese restaurant determines the kitchen Fumes are serious, and drainage is also a long-standing problem.

First, the ground facilities: Chinese kitchen can be divided into: hot kitchen; cold food kitchen, snack kitchen, in addition to meat rough processing kitchen, vegetable rough processing kitchen (not including fruit room), supporting tableware clean kitchen , And so on. These kitchens must go through rigorous cooperation to ensure the smooth progress of the work, once a link is a problem, will lead to the entire process of mistakes, resulting in significant losses.

  Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment First of all, the hot kitchen is the focus of the kitchen in the focus of the kitchen, because any meal will not be less hot dishes to participate in, no hot dishes can not be called a complete meal, so the hot kitchen mature design It is particularly important. From the entry of raw materials to the finished product only one main line, as much as possible to avoid cross-infection of food, and achieve a good safety standards. When the raw materials purchased from the market after the return of vegetables, meat, etc. into the rough processing of the kitchen, the rough processing of the kitchen for the initial finishing processing, and then according to the specific requirements of the work were disinfected frozen or immediately sent to other kitchen processing It is also necessary to change the clothes in the hot kitchen, and it is possible to avoid excessive contact with the outside due to the changing clothes in the kitchen, so as to reduce the contact infection of the foreign matter. Good to ensure that the finished food hygiene and safety, the classification of raw materials into the kitchen workers are also conducive to higher quality and efficient work.

  Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Although the kitchen in the door more, but it is necessary. The type of kitchen door can be installed according to the specific requirements of each kitchen. The design of these doors is mainly to prevent cross-contamination and convenience to the chef, and improve the hygienic standard and work effect. In the hot kitchen, For the daily storage of frozen raw materials, coupled with the changing room next to the large refrigerator is basically able to ensure that the hot kitchen kitchen daily use requirements, specifically for the kitchen garbage and open a door is also necessary, because the national health sector in the modern high-end The hotel's hygiene requirements are very strict when checked, and is a key point for cross-infection, which is largely solved by the problem. Most hotels are still using the garbage export, import and export The use of these doors, because these kitchens have long been designed, so it is difficult to open a dedicated use of different doors, so this is a large number of health law enforcement officers of the common concern, but also has been a big problem. Pastry room door only one, it is because a considerable part of the pastry room materials are processed in other kitchen, or have a better packaging, which can only open a door. The cold dishes of the three doors is very necessary: the cold room health requirements are relatively higher, hot and cold must be separated, and this door can meet these needs.