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Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Refrigeration Precautions

Sep 21, 2017

Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Refrigeration precautions

Freezer: vegetables into the fresh cabinet in the refrigeration precautions

In the daily diet, vegetables are often used, but also a wide variety of species. In the supermarket which often see the supermarket there are many different types of vegetables. Vegetables contain essential nutrients in the human body. Through the understanding of vegetables, we can know that many vegetables have to enhance their immune, enhance the role of resistance in the daily diet which eat more vegetables can promote good health. Shopping malls in order to allow the vegetables to keep fresh, and now businesses will be placed in the vegetables to the vegetables in the cold storage.

Vegetable fresh cabinets are now super enterprises in the necessary cold preservation equipment, vegetables can reduce the temperature of the cabinet in the 2 to 8 degrees, so the vegetables into the cabinet can make the water is not easy to drain. Vegetables in the fresh cabinet, not only to ensure the freshness of vegetables to ensure that nutrition is not lost, more important is to sell good-looking, increase customer desire to buy. The largest content of vegetables is the water, if the water loss of nutrients in the fruit will be lost, so keep the water in the vegetables is the most important in the preservation process. 【freezer】

However, when using fresh vegetables, should pay attention to the preservation of different vegetables. Prolonged contact with the air will accelerate the maturity of vegetables, such as tomatoes. First with a fresh film installed and then into the vegetable fresh cabinet. Large white celery in the fresh to pay attention to the leaves and poles have to keep bags with fresh, and then into the cold storage cabinet. Generally for the first time to understand the people who may not understand the place.

We have to consider the factors inside and outside the refrigerator so as to ensure that the refrigerator really cool energy, if the freezer inside the condenser cooling function will be freezer food can not bring the heat and the outside world for effective exchange and poor ventilation, so it will be The cooling time will increase, and the power consumption will increase as well as the heat generated by the freezer switch door. If the ambient temperature reaches 32 degrees Celsius, the energy consumption of the freezer is twice as high as usual. We must always pay attention to these details in order to achieve the effect of energy saving.