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Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Structural Advantage

Aug 15, 2017

Kitchen Refrigeration Equipment Structural advantage

Kitchen refrigeration equipment has a large freezer volume, is a three-star, long-term storage of food. Three-door freezer than the two-door freezer to add a slightly higher temperature, moisturizing fruit and vegetable room, it is located in the lower part of the freezer. Therefore, items of different storage temperature requirements can be stored separately in different boxes. In this way, can reduce the mutual interference between storage items, help to reduce the cold, its characteristics are basically the same with the two-door freezer. Kitchen refrigeration equipment is based on a variety of items on the cold freezing temperature requirements and set up a freezer 'freezer, fruit and vegetable room, chill room, so that the function of the refrigerator tends to improve, this type of freezer is an ideal luxury Home freezer. As the form of the freezer capacity, functional, complex structure, so expensive, power consumption. Kitchen refrigeration equipment structural advantages:

1. Durable imported Aspera Compressor

2. Environmental refrigerants

3. Copper tube evaporator

4. Inside and outside the box with high quality 304 # stainless steel

5. Double temperature unique design, precision lock different kitchen warm demand;

6. Copper tube evaporator, to ensure that each step temperature can be accurate in place;

7. Luxury stainless steel handle, high snow cabinet show.

The principle of refrigeration operation of kitchen refrigeration equipment

1. Chemical freezer: the use of certain chemical substances dissolved in water, a strong endothermic and get the cooling effect of the freezer.

2. Electromagnetic vibration refrigerator: With the electromagnetic vibration machine to drive the compressor to drive the refrigerator, its principle, structure and compression freezer is basically the same.

3. Solar kitchen cooling equipment: the use of solar energy as a refrigeration and energy freezer: including adiabatic to the magnetic refrigeration refrigerator, radiant refrigerators and solid-fired refrigerators.

4. Compressed kitchen refrigeration equipment: by the motor to provide mechanical energy, through the compressor on the refrigeration system for work, refrigeration system using low boiling point refrigerant (live refrigerant) evaporative absorption of heat generated by the principle of heat. Its advantages are long life, easy to use, the current world 91 ~ 95% of the freezer belong to this category.

5. Absorption type of kitchen refrigeration equipment: the use of heaters such as gas, such as gas, kerosene, electricity as a driving force, the use of ammonia - water - hydrogen mixed solution in the continuous absorption and diffusion process to achieve the purpose of cooling, the drawback is low efficiency, Slow down, is now gradually being eliminated.

6. Semiconductor kitchen refrigeration equipment: the use of PN-type semiconductor barrels to DC, in the node to produce the principle of Peltier Sakura to achieve the refrigeration freezer. Many electronic circuits and micro-instruments often use this method to dissipate heat.