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What factors affect the life of a refrigerator

Feb 23, 2020

    The main factors that affect the life of a compressor motor are: In a refrigeration system, the occurrence of certain contaminations can adversely affect normal operation, shortening the life of the compressor motor or even damaging it. There is. Refrigeration system:

One is residual moisture and the other is impurities such as rust. Dirty clean oil (deterioration) can also cause system contamination.

    these factors, moisture is the most harmful to the system, and the effects of copper plating on the surface of components such as valve plates, piston pins, cylinder walls, and bearings can easily occur. This copper plating phenomenon can cause component failure and shorten service life, and the gaps between the friction surfaces of the moving components become too large and often result in inadequate component sealing.

    In addition, moisture may accelerate the reaction of the lubricating oil refrigerant, increasing the acid value, reducing the insulation performance of the motor, and causing the polyester film to lose insulation due to embrittlement due to the effect of water decomposition.

     When the refrigerant circulates together with various residual impurities, the temperature rises depending on the power supply voltage and operating conditions, and acid is generated. Acids are the product of refrigerant decomposition and refrigerant lubrication. Refrigerator components are rusted and the reaction to the motor's insulation increases the likelihood of motor burnout. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable with the R22 cycle system. When the compressor motor burns, the acid content increases almost completely. The lubricant contains acid.