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Refrigerator Storage Skills So That No Odor But Also Can Hold More

May 12, 2016

The food in the refrigerator, refrigerator is not enough, in fact, refrigerator storage is skillful, clever use of some of the artifacts, it's easy to bid farewell to clutter the fridge and/or let more fresh food. Then introduce a few simple gadgets, there is interested can have a look at it.

Dumpling store is difficult, the most commonly used method is to find a plastic bag thrown into the freezer along with the casual, out when cooking, it will stick together as a whole to eat, pour off and wasted, it is entangled. The dumpling Tupperware is a good solution to this problem.

Drain fish box

Universal box, design fine, transparent color appearance and size appropriate. Specially designed for fresh refrigerated storage box that is used to place fresh fish, shrimp, meats, can also be placed long vegetables and asparagus, and can be used as boxes, the bottom drain with drain function, thawed meats easier to use.

Airtight plastic storage box

Using sealed storage box, store food, and can refuse a refrigerator odors, prevent channeling. To avoid the whole mess in the fridge. Made of food grade PP material, health and environmental protection, box transparent, clear, want to take which is easy to find out, vegetable, fruit, dry goods, snacks can be good storage.