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Saving Money By Freezing Food

Nov 24, 2016

Freezing is by far one of the best ways to reduce food waste at home. Since the average American family throws out about 15% of the food they buy, you could potentially save about 15% of what you spend on groceries if you properly freeze food. Thus, if you spend $100 a week on food, this will amount to $780 in savings a year!

Additionally, storing food in freezers is also a great time-saving technique because food can be prepared in batches, which for many people is just as important as the money saved by freezing food. Freezing food is truly one of the best family meal planning tips that any parent can implement to save time and stress. Also, if you need to buy a rare ingredient that you will only use partially to prepare a meal, double up on the recipe to get your full money’s worth, and freeze half of it for later.

Final Word

Equally important to how you freeze your food is how you thaw your food. The very best and safest way is to place frozen foods in your refrigerator, so make sure you plan your meals ahead of time.

If you forget to thaw your food, there are two safe alternatives: the microwave and cold water. Thawing in the microwave starts the cooking process, so you must cook your food immediately upon thawing. If you thaw your food in cold water, don’t leave your food in there more than two hours because the exposure to bacteria is increased.