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Special Showcase Major Marketing Tools

Jun 16, 2017

Special Showcase Major marketing tools

In today's "eyeball economy" driven by the window as today's major marketing tool, it can not only stimulate the consumer's enthusiasm for consumption, but also allows us to enjoy the window designer's infinite creativity and its interpretation of the brand.

Shape similar to the window (more like a window inside something), so named window. The window is often confused with the counter and the bulletin board. For details, please refer to its counter, bulletin board entry. A window of a street for displaying a sample. The window is used to display cultural relics, pictures and other glass cabinets, different shapes.


"Showcase" usage example:

Local artists to showcase 'Small Works' March 7 at Nightbird Books.

Showcase window

Glass-fronted billboard

Vitrine glass window

For the modern window design understanding, but also from the modernist space movement. The modernist space design movement refers to a group of architects, designers and theorists

Began to explore the new aesthetic of the 20th century movement. For most practitioners who take this aesthetics, it is not only a style, but a faith. The main characteristic of modernism is rationalism, and from the 19th century, the sudden rise of the objective spirit. In addition to modernism, another key meaning is: 'form obey function'. This slogan reflects the rational, orderly modern design of the sport.

Designers of modern space design sports want to produce a purely geometric form of opposing decorative style through large-scale production. The most distinctive representative is the Bauhaus Business School. They are committed to the latest concepts and the most advanced design, they emphasize a single modern movement design method, that is, the use of modern materials and industrial production technology to the original color red, blue, yellow and round and square based on the formation of pure geometry. In later development, modern space design is also known as international style. This is because of this new direction produced by the tremendous impact of the reputation.

The vertical career development path is more clear in the display sector, including exhibition assistants, shop attendants, regional display division, exhibition trainer, display manager, display manager, window designer and visual director, etc. Different division of labor together to support the normal operation of the display sector. In recent years, the rise of e-commerce to the physical store has been a huge threat, department stores need more powerful visual design to pull customers into the mall, window design has become a solid store sales promotion "killer", window designers need to use a variety of Visual means to provide customers with wonderful shopping first-class experience, so shopping more interesting and more complete, and to develop ways to attract customers to extend the shopping time, so the window design of course become the most creative marketing and passionate branch. With reference to the current domestic market demand, the window designer's industry outlook is immeasurable.