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Structural Features Of Vertical Refrigerated Display Cabinet

Feb 20, 2020

The structural characteristics of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet are as follows:

1: The large glass mirror surface of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet increases the display space to form a three-dimensional and fresh feeling. Its streamlined design is not available in other vertical air curtain cabinets. It adopts an advanced double air curtain structure, which has good thermal insulation effect Fast cooling. The back-blow structure makes the temperature in the cabinet uniform; it uses the natural air to defrost to reduce the power consumption; it is equipped with night-time energy-saving curtains, which are specially used at night and other non-business hours.

In addition, the insulation effect of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet is very good. The advantages and disadvantages of the insulation performance of the insulation layer in the production process of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet are not only an important quality index of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet, but also an important factor in the economical use of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet. In order to achieve good thermal insulation performance, appropriate raw materials must be selected to control the bulk density and cell diameter within the optimal range. Larger effective volume. The signs of high-quality cabinet technical parameters are in accordance with the requirements of international standards. All use commercial compressors. In addition to the good starting performance of commercial compressors, and the refrigeration capacity is complete from small to large specifications, different configurations can be made according to different requirements of the product. Long-lasting features guarantee product quality.

2: The structural rigidity of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet is directly related to the life of the cabinet. There is an integral angle steel frame support between the high-quality cabinet shell and the inner tank. Its function is equivalent to placing steel bars in the cement prefabricated board, and the rigidity is greatly increased. After all the door frame is welded and formed, the whole is foamed at one time, which avoids the defect that the cabinet door is easy to fall off due to the incomplete assembly of the door frame.

The working temperature of the vertical refrigerated display cabinet is distinguished by the most suitable temperature for food storage or preservation. It is suitable for plant foods, which can ensure that the juice contained in the food is not lower than the freezing point and maintain its fresh state. The temperature is -18 degrees Celsius, and the shelf life of food stored at this temperature is up to 1 month. High-quality refrigerators not only ensure that the temperature meets the requirements according to the standards, but also use special-shaped evaporation tubes and match the appropriate cooling unit to make the high-quality vertical refrigerators, vertical refrigerator display cabinets cool faster.

3: All high quality vertical refrigerated display cabinets are made of high quality copper coils and processed into wide-faced special shapes. The surface of the stainless steel plate is smooth and smooth, and the thickness of the entire plate is even. Using an appropriate thickness not only ensures a long service life, but also makes the appearance of the cabinet smooth. This kind of material is not only environmentally friendly, but also has a longer service life.