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Table Top Showcases Best Energy Efficiency Ratio

Nov 01, 2017

Table Top Showcases Best energy efficiency ratio

Conventional frozen display cabinet cabinet, you can achieve bottled drinks faster cooling bottled beverage refrigeration display cabinet technology program. The bottom wall of the bladder is connected to a drain pipe which extends beyond the cabinet and the drain pipe is provided with a removable plug at the open end of the liner, and the inner liner is made of a stainless steel plate Of the cylindrical closed container. Energy-saving refrigeration display cabinet should contain a triple element, that is, the perfect combination of freezing force, energy saving and multi-temperature zone. Frozen display cabinet power consumption is an important indicator, but to achieve the best preservation effect and the best energy efficiency ratio, just to reduce the electricity consumption is not enough to make an article, there must be an optimized structure and refrigeration design , So that health and energy saving, which made green "frozen energy saving one can not be less" is a very specific concept. Improved Design of Return Pipe Heat Exchanger. In the refrigeration display cabinet cooling system set back air pipe heat exchanger can improve the efficiency of the refrigerator display cabinet. Then measures can be taken from three aspects to improve the capillary and the return air inside the heat transfer efficiency.

1, the use of countercurrent heat exchange method to improve the heat transfer efficiency.

2, frozen display cabinet capillary and return pipe using parallel and welding method to improve the heat transfer efficiency between the two, this method of heat exchange efficiency than the capillary into the return pipe inside the heat transfer efficiency.

3, by improving the capillary and the return pipe heat transfer length to enhance the heat transfer between the two.

4, to improve the direction of the refrigeration system. In the design of the refrigeration display cabinet refrigeration system, will face the problem of system piping, anti-condensing pipe layout and the direction is to affect the energy consumption of frozen display cabinet one aspect. In China, most of the refrigeration manufacturers are using refrigeration compressor discharge of the superheated gas to heat the door frame to achieve the door frame temperature rise to prevent condensation. However, due to the high temperature of the superheated gas, resulting in a large temperature difference between the cabinet to improve the leakage of heat, which will reduce the energy consumption of the refrigerator is very unfavorable. Is to solve this problem, you can use split condenser, the anti-condensing tube placed between the left and right condenser, the use of saturator in the full and paragraph on the door frame for proper heating, so that can achieve the purpose of anti- While reducing the leakage to the cabinet, so as to achieve the role of energy conservation. 5, select the best refrigerant charge. Refrigerant refrigerant charge is one of the most critical factors affecting the refrigeration performance of refrigerated display cabinets. Charge the amount of different, frozen display cabinet of the characteristics of the temperature is also different, the corresponding energy consumption of frozen display cabinet is also different. In the frozen display cabinet to meet the storage temperature requirements under the premise of the amount of charge is too large or small can not achieve the minimum energy consumption. The optimum refrigerant charge should be determined accurately by theoretical calculation and experimental verification.