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Table Top Showcases The Cooling Method Has A Direct Cooling Type

Aug 15, 2017

Table Top Showcases The cooling method has a direct cooling type

Preserved display cabinet directly affects the nutritional value of food and human health. There are two types of refrigeration methods: direct cooling (frost) and air-cooled (frost-free). Straight cold commercial fresh display cabinets fresh, moisturizing performance, the price is relatively cheap; air cooler freezer automatic defrost, the cabinet temperature is relatively uniform. The actual efficiency of the compressor is much lower than the theoretical efficiency due to the existence of various losses such as friction, leakage, harmful heat transfer, motor loss, flow resistance, noise vibration and so on. Therefore, theoretically, any measure that can reduce any loss can improve the efficiency of the compressor. This objective fact led to a wide range of energy-saving research on the compressor, the direction of wide, research topics and research results varied.

The temperature regulator controller is the key to power saving

    The temperature regulator controller is the key to power saving. Summer thermostat knob is generally transferred to the "4" Department, the winter transferred to the "1" Department, which can reduce the number of compressor start, to achieve the purpose of saving electricity. Keep the display cabinet should be placed in the lower ambient temperature, well ventilated place, should be away from the radiator, stoves and other heat sources; fresh display cabinet top, left and right sides and rear to leave the appropriate space to facilitate heat dissipation. Minimize the number and time of opening the door. Hot food should be allowed to cool naturally to room temperature, and then into the fresh display cabinet. Moisture more food, should be washed and drained, wrapped in plastic bags into the cabinet, so as not to evaporate thickening cream layer, affecting the cooling effect, increase power consumption. If the start relay is fully sealed, can not open the repair, the use of closed contact to its own way to repair the friction, the method is: to start the relay carry, sports vibration relay, Contact their own up and down polished, generally after two to three days, the contacts can be polished neatly, fitted with the use of. The characteristics of the refrigerator is an additional cabinet in the cabinet control board, its role is to reduce the circuit line on the starting current, the cabinet fan start 1.5 seconds after the compressor only start up.