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Unraveling The Magic Of Freezer

Nov 18, 2016

Last week, K1 students coloured the water and together we put it in the freezer.  On recall they said:

The water  changed colour  because we put colour in it (Xenia).

It was magic because when we took it out of the freezer it changed and it was ice (William). 

We asked them what they thought would happen to the ice and Tania predicted it would melt and then all students agreed with this. 

When we took it out of the freezer, the students took the frozen ice and  placed it on their sheets of card. They found it was melting.  Why did it melt?

It stayed outside too long (Amelia). 

The sun melted it (Celine).  

After some time the students went back to look at their art work and found...