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Upright Chiller Cause Of Issue

Jul 21, 2017

Upright Chiller cause of issue

Causes and Solutions of No - cooling, Leakage and High and Low Pressure Faults of Chillers

One, not cooling (cause cause: system leakage refrigerant, bad compressor, computer board bad, overload)

1, the system leakage refrigerant (inspection method: look at the low-pressure table, there is no pressure, no pressure, that leaks)

Solution: check leaks, check not a copper pipe connection, look at the location of leakage species

2, the compressor is bad (also shows the compressor failure) (check method: clamp clamp with three wires, get the working current, if three different, the initial judgment for the compressor bad; 5HP compressor current of 9A -10A current is about normal, and vice versa is not normal)

Workaround: Replace the compressor

3, the computer board is bad (the computer board shows the temperature is not normal, or with the actual temperature does not match)

Workaround: Replace the computer board

4, overload (the use of chillers in the process of temperature does not reach the intended effect, or the temperature did not come down, but will rise up)

Solution: Description Optional chiller power is not big enough, you may want to replace the larger chiller to set the required temperature

Second, the water leakage (first determine the location of leakage)

1, pump leakage (cause: pump shaft seal is not good or the shaft seal has been damaged)

Solution: do not change the shaft seal, direct change pump

2, water tank leakage (cause: water tank welding position appears trachoma or with a long time)

Solution: pull back to the manufacturer to re-weld the leak location

3, ball valve, shunt (cause: ball valve, shunt leak)

Solution: replace the ball valve, shunt

4, the speaker of the speaker connection location (cause reasons: the same speaker connection location leakage)

Solution: Remove and re-hit the bell, re-install

5, the floating position of the float (cause: the float has been dropped, or adjust the float position is not correct)

Solution: reload the float and debug the float position

Third, the high-pressure alarm (boot to see high-pressure table, if you have to rise, there will be high-pressure alarm)

Generally not the manufacturers of the problem, you can solve the following problems from the customer

1, the customer's water tower water has not opened? Is the cooling waterway smooth?

2, the water tower of the water quality will not be very if more than six months and did not check the blisters, you need to clean the water cannon

4, if it is air-cooled, with the need to clean the condenser

5, if the above points can not solve the problem, it may be pressure controller and computer board problems, you have to replace the pressure controller or replace the computer board.